Morning Breaks

The Hilton Break

Royal Coffee & Selection of teas

Two (2) mini muffins, one (1) danish, & one (1) croissant per person


Assorted home baked cookies (2 per person)


One (1) Cinnamon roll per person


Assorted bite sized sweets (2 per person)


Suggested Break Enhancements :

Sliced fresh fruit CAN$3.95 per person

Vegetable crudites CAN$5.00 per person

Morning Fitness Break

Juice smoothies to include:
strawberry-banana and mango-lassi (vegetarian/gluten free)

assorted dried fruits and nuts (vegan/gluten free)

wine glass of fruit parisienne with assorted fresh berries, pomegranate coulis (vegan/gluten free)

individual assorted yogurts (vegetarian/gluten free)
granola bars 

Bottled water (500ml)
CAN$3.50 /btl


The Bagel Break

Assorted bagels with cream cheese (plain & strawberry)
atlantic smoked salmon
fresh whole fruit
assorted yogurt
royal cup coffee & red rose tea


The Candy Shop

assortment of candy 
sliced fresh fruit
butter flavoured popcorn
chocolate chip cookies
royal cup coffee & red rose tea


The Garden

dried fruit & nuts, granola bars
crudites with yogurt dip
banana strawberry shooters
whole fresh fruit


Coffee / Tea

Freshly brewed regular, decaffeinated coffee, tea
per gallon  
per pot (10 cups) 
Millenia Fresh Leaf Green Tea (Specialty Tea with half the caffeine of coffee)
CAN $42.00/2L Thermos

Assorted soft drinks 
CAN$3.50 / each

Mini Breaks 
Selection of freshly baked muffins 
CAN $3.00/piece

Fresh whole fruit 
CAN $2.95 per piece

Granola bars 
CAN $2.95 each

Individual assorted yogurts 
CAN $2.95 each

Freshly baked cookies 
CAN $2.95 each