Plated Breakfast

Traditional American Breakfast

eggs scrambled with local artisan cheddar cheese
ham, bacon, sausage (select 2)
red bliss home fries potatoes

roma tomato parmesan
selection of home made danishes, croissants, sweet breads, breakfast pastries, muffins, fruit preserves,

breakfast breads, juice, coffee and tea
CAN $21.95 per person


Spa Benedict

poached egg with smoked salmon,
potatoes pancakes, grilled tomato,
Mix Your Muesli:
granola, dried cranberries, apricots,
blueberries & raisins, shaved almonds
granola parfaits made with low fat yogurt & berries, breakfast breads, juice, coffee and tea
CAN $19.75 per person



Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Station
Fill the morning with the aroma of orange, cranberry, apple and grapefruit juice
CAN $3.50 per person

Freshly Baked Cinnamon Rolls or Banana Bread
begin your day with the smell of cinnamon rolls or banana bread, delivered tableside as your guests are seated
CAN $5.00 per person


The Energy Breakfast

fresh berries (seasonal)
greek yogurt, banana bread

sliced fresh fruit
small fruit smoothie
coffee or tea
CAN $17.55 per person


Maritime Breakfast

poached eggs on local crab cakes, citrus hollandaise
scrambled eggs with shrimp and lox

traditional french toast, berry compote
golden brown sausage

grilled bacon strips
bagels with atlantic smoked salmon, cream cheese
red bliss home fries potatoes
slow baked pork & beans
assorted scones
assorted jams

orange, cranberry, apple juices
royal cup coffee, decaffinated & teas
CAN $29.00